Bustart Spotted

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Great Bustart, Otter and Red Kyte spotted near Berwick



The Great Bustard has been spotted and photographed by Ken Campbell grazing with a group of Swans near Langford for about 4 weeks in April and early May 2008. These pictures shown below were taken by Ken who used to be a Wilton Fly Fishing Club member and is an accomplished semi professional wildlife photographer. Ken gives proceeds from his pictures to charity.The smaller bird in the middle is belwived to be a Pheasant.


zzz 150.jpg

zzz 152.jpg

zzz 153.jpg

zzz 148.jpg

Here are some further pictures taken by Bob Blamey -The flying bird is actually an Owl!





Click on the pictures

An Otter has also been seen by one of club's fisherman late one evening in mid May near Great Wishford.

Adrian Simmons, the River Keeper for Wilton Fly Fishing Club has also seen a Red Kite twice recently over Wishford, the last was a very good sighting by lots of people over the whole of the Oak Apple Day procession!




Lastly, yesterday during a particularly good hatch of Mayflies a Hobby was 'making hay' and hawking around the river collecting Mayflies in it's feet and passing them to it's beak, eating on the wing, it was catching one about every 5 seconds, and was so engrossed in it's banquet it continued feeding right over the heads of amazed spectators!