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Some of you, like me, may have wrestled a bit with visualising the details of the southern route and thus how to portray it to others. 

Attached, some slides that may help; they are in PDF format (for security).  I am trying to get them onto the village website but it appears to be a technical step too far for either it or me! 

A bit of background, a new dual carriageway is about 19 m wide and has to be supported by a berm and a reinforcing slope that further expand the road’s girth and footprint.  This can considerably heighten the road and its silhouette which in our case will make it even more visible - in particular where it goes from being a road to a viaduct to cross the Till and water meadows.

I went into the field next to the village yesterday afternoon - the one that will be bisected by the road - and placed poles at the appropriate distances in the middle of the field in order to show the proposed road footprint, the photos should speak for themselves. I am attempting to meet the Environment Agency to discuss.


James Hardy

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